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Healing Stories
I just want to add that I tried this and it really works. I am skeptical of stuff like new age medicine or hypnotism or even psychology to some degree, but this is not like that. It was a very emotional experience for me, but I feel like something has been "unblocked", like, I am not dwelling on sad thoughts I have had over the past year or two. Things smell different, feel different, kind of like waking up on a snow day as a teenager, or looking out the window after the rain, it is very hard to quantify, but the feeling is as real as the rush one gets from a ride at Disneyland, or a couple of cups of coffee haha. The only difference is, it's not an "external" experience, you don't have to rely on outside influences to feel the effect. And it lasts for days, in fact so far it has felt like it will last forever, because feeling so "back to normal" for even a few days has made me appreciate life for the first time in many years. It is a personal journey that is so basic that I think we forgot about it in our society. And now that I have experienced it, I notice it everywhere. I guess that is hard to explain until one has done it. If you have been through any bad experiences in the past few years, or have just generally felt out of it like something is missing compared to the "olden days", I highly recommend talking to Tim. It is well worth the time. Everyone's experience will be different, so there may be other reasons you would like to go, but I honestly think that it can help everyone.
- Zack, Boise, Idaho
Tim has performed Reconnective Healing on me twice. The first time when I had broken my tail bone, and the second several weeks ago. Each session brought about a calm relaxing feeling of peace. Both times I felt unexplainable sensations in my body. The second time I even saw visual images. Not only did I feel physically rejuvenated after the sessions, but also mentally. Reconnective Healing is a true mind body experience of recovery.
- Ryan, Boise, Idaho
As I lay on my back in that quiet room with my eyes closed, I couldn't help but wonder where I would go. What was supposed to happen? Was I supposed to actually see things, feel, hear, envision myself somewhere else? What?!? I started to get nervous that I wasn't doing it right, something was wrong. All of a sudden, my brain stopped it's normal workings and what ensued was a peace and understanding that I had never experienced before. There were body movements that I couldn't control, visions that I'd never seen, places I'd never been. I laughed, I was scared, I was blissful, and I may have even cried as I felt tear drops in my eyes at one point. And I played the violin, and it was good. I won't divulge my entire session as there is still a lot to learn and encounter, but as I sit here writing this, I have never felt happier. I got home and just felt an enormous joy and love for the world and people around me. I can do anything I want! I can heal, and I can be at peace.
There are more sessions to be had, and I cannot wait. This next experience should be just as engrossing, fruitful, and wild as the first. Thank you Tim.
Once again, Tim amazed me. This session was very different from the first for both Tim and I. I saw arms opening up and welcoming me. I saw some things I don't even know if they exist outside of my healing. I saw many, many people, one woman in particular, and a few different animals as well. Colors, smells, and sights all coming toward me at different times and power levels. Something amazing happened and I felt at peace with an incredible knowledge for things yet untapped. I cannot wait for my next healing, I have opened the portal to something deep down inside myself and am thirsting for more.
This healing doesn't just last for the session. It is carried with you for a very long time.
- Willow, Boise, Idaho
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