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Timothy Yuen, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
Timothy Yuen
Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner
Boise, Idaho
The Reconnection, Reconnective Healing
Throughout his life, Timothy has been interested in exploring consciousness and helping others to do the same. Born in south Florida and raised in southwestern Idaho, as a child Timothy read voraciously on a variety of subjects seeking to understand himself and engaged his peers as to how and why things are. This eventually led Timothy to earn his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at Knox College. He was the recipient of several honors while in college, including being initiated into Phi Beta Kappa.
Timothy deeply appreciated his academic studies, but longed to offer something more personal and direct in changing lives. Following his time in college, Timothy returned to Idaho to pioneer his life path and learn how he could contribute to humanity. He continued to train in aikido and explored various methods of meditation. On several occasions, people had commented to Timothy that he should pursue healing work. After several synchronistic events, Timothy was led to attend training with Dr. Eric Pearl. By the end of the training, Timothy knew his soul called him to help others to experience this wonderful phenomenon of healing and transformation.
In addition to his training in Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection in 2004, Timothy demonstrated his understanding and commitment to this work by completing his Practitioner Certification in March, 2006. Timothy offers clients the opportunity to experience the gift of healing, as well as ways to empower and take responsibility for their own healing through education. Timothy is dedicated to helping the planet awaken and inspiring and empowering others to share that endeavor.
Timothy lives and practices in Boise.
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